How to Start Philanthropic Activities From Your Company

Companies that support a social cause distinguish themselves from their competitors and get many benefits, including more loyal customers and happier employees. In addition, many consumers take into account the social responsibility of companies before buying their products or services.

“I’ve met many clients who want to know how you contribute to making the world a better place,” says Erin Giles, a philanthropic consultant who helps entrepreneurs find causes they love and link that message with their businesses.

Pranav Arora, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, realized from a very early age the importance of giving wealth away. He’s on the Board of Directors of the Just Funky Foundation and has continued to grow with time. If you, like Pranav, are planning on giving away your wealth, you might want to follow the tips given below.

Build relationships in your community

Observe your community and see what is important to them. Are schools in trouble? Do animal shelters need donations? Are there many children without a home? Many supermarkets and restaurants are willing to donate food and beverages to charities, as part of their desire to contribute to the good of the community.

Take care of food donations as if it were a commercial transaction and provide your donors with the proper documentation. You have to be prepared to send them to order letters and to give them receipts for their donations. As an incentive, you can promote your companies including their logos or names in the promotional material of the events.

Make your employees volunteer

Giving employees an opportunity to contribute to society is important to increase their motivation and help create an inspired and collaborative team, says Arora. “When your employees love what they are doing, they do a better job,” he says.

Giles suggests that businesses offer employees the option of volunteering during work hours and participating in social activities outside of work, which is more fulfilling and effective than just meeting for a few drinks.

Volunteering also provides leadership opportunities for employees, leading to improved team performance and, therefore, increased productivity and sales, says Arora.

Create a personalized volunteer plan

Pranav Arora recommends that employers evaluate their businesses and the strengths of their employees and choose activities that support those strengths. For example, if you have a firm of accountants you could help non-profit organizations to have better financial practices or to do their taxes.

In the same way, if you have a restaurant you might consider bringing a catering service to public school teachers. Decide how much time your employees can offer annually.

Make your customers know

Once you have implemented your volunteering strategy, let current and potential customers know what you are doing including this information on your website, social networks and promotional items. The important thing is that consumers know who you are helping, how much you are giving, how you are doing and how you can join this effort.

About Pranav:

Pranav Arora is a successful Entrepreneur, Investor, and Venture Capitalist.

From an early age, Pranav Arora has proven himself to be an entrepreneur at heart. Starting his first million-dollar business at just 16 years old Pranav has proven himself to have the drive, passion, and a keen skillset to being successful within the world of business.

From spearheading multi-million-dollar companies, to shaking up the world of investments, and even devoting time to philanthropy, Pranav Arora is making an immense impact on the world. While his accomplishments would be impressive at any age, Pranav has been able to do all of this well before his 30th birthday and his influence only continues to grow.

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