How to Manage Multiple Projects At Once

How to Manage Multiple Projects At Once

From the looks of it, the prospect of having to handle multiple projects can be quite daunting. Not everyone is a master at multitasking, and so they might fear the consequences of mishandling several projects at once. However, having multiple careers at once can be a great way to earn money.

Holding down multiple jobs will allow you to sharpen your skills and also learn new ones. You expand your horizons and are able to quench several of your passions all at once. Being a jack of all trades always works out for the best because through your filled-to-the-brim resume, you are showing potential employers that not only are you good at multitasking, but you can also handle different natures of tasks simultaneously. You will also be constantly headhunted by several companies for the different sets of skills that you have. There are multiple other benefits that multitasking has, and many people have benefited from it. In fact, we have prominent examples like Pranav Arora.

Arora is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, investor, and a philanthropist. He is well known as the head of division for Just Funky. While at the same time he is the chairman of the board of directors for JMTD Holdings, that is an Ohio based asset management firm founded in 2015. He is also running his head shop called Highly Educated, where he sells things like hookahs, electronic cigarettes, and their related accessories.

But how did he manage to keep up with all the demands of his work?


The key to getting a lot of things done in one day is by prioritizing. You will have to properly plan out all the tasks according to what is most important. You will have to have a fundamental knowledge of your job and then distribute time to whatever is the most critical. If you are working as a part of the team, then your work is made easier for you. You all can take projects that you think are more related to your skillset, so you finish faster.

Time blocking

The method of time blocking is important. For example, you can take half an hour for work and then 15 minutes to chill out and do whatever you like. But when you are working, you should only work, and focus on not getting distracted by anything else.

Review your work

At the end of the day, not only should you plan out your tasks for the next day, but you should also see how you fared the present day. If you think you handled your work well, then this is good news. However, if you failed to meet most of your tasks today, then you will need to reevaluate your schedule.

About Pranav:

Pranav Arora is a successful Entrepreneur, Investor, and Venture Capitalist.

From an early age, Pranav Arora has proven himself to be an entrepreneur at heart. Starting his first million-dollar business at just 16 years old Pranav has proven himself to have the drive, passion, and a keen skillset to being successful within the world of business.

From spearheading multi-million-dollar companies, to shaking up the world of investments, and even devoting time to philanthropy, Pranav Arora is making an immense impact on the world. While his accomplishments would be impressive at any age, Pranav has been able to do all of this well before his 30th birthday and his influence only continues to grow.

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